A Fitness Community Designed For You To Train Bold & Live Wild.



 A Fitness Community Designed For You To Train Bold & Live Wild.


“RoxFire truly pushes me to be a better version of myself both inside and out of the gym.” ~ Meagan K

At RoxFire, we specialize in giving you a premium & personalized fitness experience catered to your ability level at our facility located in the heart of vibrant Flagler Village, Fort Lauderdale.

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At RoxFire, You Are A Superhero

“The personalized attention I receive from the coaches allows me to crush my goals faster.” ~ Tyler S

There are three elements to RoxFire that present as our class structure: Build, Rev & Fuse. Our program is balanced to help you equally build your strength, speed & power on a daily basis. Each RoxFire Fitness class is taught by one of our highly trained coaches with the focus & precision  you deserve to help you become the fittest of your life.

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Our Community

“Our friendships are forged in sweat and chalk, knowing that we leave no member behind and that the workout isn’t over until we all succeed.”~ Stephan G

The heart of RoxFire is our laser focus on community with monthly events such as beach workouts, social outings and fun in-house challenges to support you in building a solid foundation of fitness & friendship in Fort Lauderdale. You’re never alone at RoxFire. We’ll keep moving, forward together.

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Client Testimonials


“LJ is an outstanding coach who continually motivates his athletes to achieve continuous improvement, for both beginners and advanced athletes. His work clearly showed in the community he built which would not have been possible without a coach who really cares.”

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RoxFire Fitness is housed in the trend-setting and vibrant Flagler Village neighborhood in Fort Lauderdale. Outfitted exclusively by Rogue, our studio has has 1500 square feet, two bathrooms and one of Fort Lauderdale’s only fitness facilities with air-conditioning. We have a lounge area where we encourage you to hang before and after class, cubbyholes for your belongings, as well as the ability to buy refreshments and meals to fuel your performance. Parking is available in the empty lot on the corner of NE 5th Terrace and 9th Street.


Our goal is to make you feel comfortable and understand what your goals are while we introduce you to our community, facility & how we work.

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